Artist's Bio

I have an instinctive way of seeing patterns in everything.  The fold of a towel, the pile of a blanket, and the texture of a wall all produce their own particular form of interest and joy.  Many have said I'm "in the weeds" - that I look too closely at detail, but I simply see the details first.  Detail and pattern are how I make sense of the world.  I relate one thing to another thing, building layers until I have a full picture.

Gina-Marie working on "Fly Free" at The Art Studio in St. Augustine, Florida

I began my journey in art as a teen, but life had other plans and I selected the more practical route of a degree in accounting.  After the onset of Fibro, life changed for me.  I spent a lot of time learning new skills in the hopes of finding work I could do from home.  I returned to art via digital painting, and I also explored game development by creating textures for 3d models, and backgrounds for games.  My return to fine art didn't happen until 2017, when a friend saw some of my drawings and practically forced me to return to the art world.

In a way, Fibromyalgia saved me.  It brought me back to my center.  The process of creating art heals me, and brings me peace.  I get lost in the intricate patterns and details.  The reveal of the final piece can be a big surprise to me. I often say that I'm holding the pen, but God is driving.  I start drawing, and the world falls away.  I'm locked into the details, and when I stop, it's as-if the picture has appeared by magic.

My biggest wish is my work bring joy and healing to others.  I want the viewer to look at the overall piece and find enough of an emotional impact to want to view the work more closely. By entering the weeds with me, I hope that they will be drawn into the picture, and abide there, if only for a short time, in greater happiness and serenity than before they came.

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