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Weight: 2 oz

Dimensions: 12 in x 9 in

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Description & History

This is a 12x9" print of an award winning drawing.  The image area is 8.75" x 11.75", with a 1/4" border for your framing convenience. You may select a Limited Edition Print or an Open Edition Print.  Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist.  You will receive the next number available.  Each Limited Edition is ten prints only.

History of the Original:  'Il Cavallo' was a semi-departure from my original style, and the only current one of its kind.  Instead of doing the drawing with patterns forming the shape of the horse, I used a grid and built the horse similar to a style I saw when growing up.  As a child, I was always fascinated by mosaics created from polaroid photos.  They were all the rage for a while, and I always found it interesting that you could take squares and still turn them into something organic.  'Il Cavallo' was my attempt to replicate that.  What emerged from the experiment, was  a unique drawing that is reminiscent of Southwestern paintings and which has charmed me ever since. Original: sold.  

  • Commonly Asked Questions

What will I receive?

Limited Edition Print Orders: A matted print that has been signed and numbered. It will arrive in a resealable plastic bag, supported by backer board, and will include a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The print will be shipped flat between two pieces of cardboard for its protection.

Open Edition Print Orders: A standard print on lighter weight paper. It will arrive in a resealable plastic bag, supported by backer board, and will be shipped flat between two pieces of cardboard for its protection.

What is the difference between a Limited Edition and an Open Edition?

An Open Edition Print is a standard print, usually printed on standard archival paper. There are an unlimited number of these prints available.

A Limited Edition print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, and is usually printed on heavier weight archival paper, specifically selected for each piece. Our Limited Edition Prints are only available in a run of 10.

If I order a Limited Edition print, how do I know what number I will receive?

If you click the 'pill' that says "Limited Edition" on it, it will turn black. All prints currently sold are shown as pills with a line through the title. The next available print is represented by the last pill in a line. When all 10 prints have been sold, the option to purchase Limited Edition prints will be removed entirely.

What is an Artist Proof? What is an Enhanced Edition?

An Artist's Proof is print test. It is ordered by an artist prior to finalizing a print run, and it may or may not contain errors. Like a penny that has been struck twice, sometimes an Artist Proof can be more valuable than a perfect print. Artist's usually reserve their proofs for friends and family.

An Enhanced Edition Print is a specialty item, created by coloring, or otherwise altering a print. Foiled prints, painted prints and prints touched in colored pencil are all examples of enhanced prints. We do not currently offer enhanced prints.

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